A Duet in Painting & Sculpture

Joyce Gardner Zavorskas & Joyce Utting Schutter
Miller White Fine Arts is thrilled to present a joint exhibition of the works of Joyce Gardner Zavorskas and Joyce Utting Schutter, two of Cape Cod’s most celebrated contemporary artists. Their sublime collaboration of oil paintings, monotype prints, encaustics and handmade paper sculpture informs us of the elegant, inexorable forces that shape our precious time on earth. For Zavorskas, it is the magnificent invincibility of nature’s command over the land, sea and airscapes of the Outer Cape. For Schutter, it is the subtle life force, that which defines entire life cycles. For both, it is a most dignified subject of transformation.

According to Henry David Thoreau, “Nature will bear the closest inspection.” If such a statement is true, then it is revealed in Schutter’s sculptures, devised of handmade paper and organic mixed media elements. Schutter possesses the uncanny ability to hold an ideal safely within her heart until the microcosm appears that will visually define it. Once found, she won’t be deterred in her quest to discover the essence of that ideal, formidable is she in her flaying away of superficial elements that prevent the most honest of inspections. Her studied choice and masterful handling of materials is her own visual proof. She knows intuitively that the least movement is important to nature, a concept that permeates all relationships, human or otherwise.

For Zavorskas, eternity on the outer coast of Cape Cod is defined by only one constant, that of unrelenting change. Indeed, she has chosen as the subject of her brilliant oil paintings, encaustics and monotype prints the very area of our beloved sandbar that must endure the gravest, most ruthless change of all. To gaze upon Zavorskas’ seas and beaches, blasted by Atlantic storms, is to know that a supreme intelligence is at work. Nothing ~ not the air, the water, the strewn detritus, nor any organic element caught in the process of coastal erosion ~ may escape. And yet, such is its grace, she knows that for every coastal vista that is consumed, another of equal allure is granted. Actually, her willingness to return again and again to capture a new day is the very embodiment of hope and the core of why many of us are so fortunate to live here.

Sometimes, an artist’s technique will appear to visually dominate a work, lessening the message in favor of the mark. While both are celebrated for their distinctive styles, Schutter and Zavorskas never fail to allow a certain permeability of expression to exist within their works. As such, they both succeed at translating the untranslatable, not for but in concert with the viewer. They are visual philosophers, creating artworks that are not only imaginative and refined, mysterious and playful, but which address a profound concern ~ the cycles of physical life, microcosms of perfection meandering through eternity.

Joyce Zavorskas and Joyce Schutter are devoted participants in physical life; merrily, steadfastly chasing the elements of eternity. Consider their philosophy and their art, and join the chase.

Susan Reid Danton, M.A., Director, Miller White Fine Arts