AT THE CROSSROADS: Six Narratives at the Intersection of Identity and Community

Defining the Catalyst Between Self Preservation and Accountability to Community

Cape Cod Museum of Art, Dennis, MA  /  Exhibition Dates: July 8th ~ August 28th, 2016


At the Crossroads features six Cape Cod-based artists exploring different social ecosystems: The Natural World, The Family, The Village, The Odyssey, The Mask and The Friend.  The linking common theme is how identity and community interact and are ultimately preserved, archived and displayed for a dialogue.

The curator, Susan Danton, suggests the question “Who are you?” has never been more relevant nor more difficult to answer than it is today.  Through the plethora of electronically transmitted information available in the blink of an eye, each of us is unrelentingly hounded by the many competing forces that want to define us as “them.”  Often, the din results in an internal split consciousness, which discord then provokes conflict within our relationships.  There is indeed a certain glamour intrinsic to the sheer immediacy of information flow, but there is also a resident danger in the crisis of glibness it creates.  In other words, to answer the above question, we must discover where we end and others begin.

At the Crossroads offers the viewer an opportunity to examine these junctures, as well as revolutionize his/her self awareness in relation to them. For further context, please use the link below to view the Curator’s Statement.


At the Crossroads Artists: Alfred Glover (The Natural World), Jon Goldman (The Village), Jill Hedrick (The Family), Wayne Miller, with Roger Shimoura, (The Friend), Steve Whittlesey (The Mask), Melissa Woolford ( The Odyssey).

Artscope Magazine online excerpt by Brian Goslow, Senior Editor, Artscope Magazine

Crossroads Program Booklet by MNB Design, Framingham, MA.

Art Talk with Roger Shimomura, The National Endowment for the Arts, May 25, 2017

All photography by Frank Winters, Sandwich, MA.