Cecilia C Rossey

Art came to me threefold, encompassing dance, theater and a formal training in art. The disciplines involved are no longer important to the creation of my artwork, but words pressed into my being are a part of the unconscious flow that melds in my prints.

Whether designing for the stage or staging a design, the elements of the creative process utilize a similar esthetic foundation. My sculptural boxes incorporate printing techniques using solarplate etchings, woodcuts, collage and encaustic painting. My print installations follow a similar procedure drawing from tools accumulated through years of experience in the creative arts.

As an artist, I accept the many gifts that are given to me as a printmaker: forms, colors, and shapes. I play with them, change and arrange them and delight at the conversation between paper, plate and ink. My cast of characters appears in various forms, Eve in the Brancaccio Chapel, Florence, Italy, or a lone tree on the side of a Tuscan road. My art and the disciplines I have learned evolve from the many journeys made through countries, cultures, and family.

As a choreographer, I’m inspired by moving dancers on stage until line and emotions come alive through design. As an artist, I move line, forms, stencils and layers of delicate color. My monoprints, etchings and linocuts are the result.

Facing an unmarked plate is a new discovery. What appears on paper is an exciting link between me and the colors and shapes that are part of my world. Staying open to new ideas, changing techniques, and my never ending love of travel, I look forward to exciting days at my press, and the explorative possibilities that will reveal themselves in my prints.Cecilia C Rossey