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“I use memories of my family and friends as a springboard for my work. I have been able to recreate these instances by using other people’s photo clippings, gloss gel medium and wood panels. While these works are often difficult to interpret just by looking at them, I guide the viewer with a title that is often a phrase that was said during the moment. These types of moments stay with me and are the full force of what my artwork is about.

My work is mostly made from photo clippings, gloss gel medium and wood. With just these three components, I have been able to create an abundance of work. The use of photo clippings in my work started on panels with a focus on showing pattern and repetition. Along with repetition and pattern, I began exploring my measurements and the measurements of those close to me. This work is minimal in its aesthetics but carries personal autobiographical information within it.

Creating this work is a direct response to my family and all of its covert information. My work has been a response to not only my family but to others around me. By using the statements or phrases that people say, I create panel pieces that directly react to what they say.” Jill Hedrick, 2015

Hedrick’s work is made up of a collage of photo clippings, but the images and moments depicted in the photos have been all but lost. The strips of photo are so thin that the end result is lines of variating color – total abstraction that hints at an image that once was. Although elegantly simple, Hedrick’s work is laden with emotion. Her wall text hints at childhood trauma and the process of sorting through personal relationships.” Suzi Grossman, BostonHassle.com