Images of Peace

Celebrating Personal Visions of Peace through
Visual Art and the Written Word

December 2012 ~ the final month of a fabled year. At Miller White Fine Arts, we have enjoyed month after month of productive growth, the joy of new friendships and immersing ourselves in extraordinary art. To complete our efforts in 2012, we are thrilled host a very special exhibition on the theme of Peace.

I recently came across musings on the nature of Peace, penned by a friend, that particularly resonated with me. My friend proposed that Peace is a context, containing the whole of everything and needing no maintenance because it is the whole. It is a default that everything returns to.

War, on the other hand is not a context. It is a manufactured event, the presence of which must be maintained by war-like actions such as deploying troops, firing guns, attacking and defending. Again, Peace needs no maintenance. “When the guns of war fall silent, the world and everything in it returns to peace and stays there effortlessly.”

Images of Peace ~ the artist, the art, the words and the witness ~ presumes that this premise is actually true, that Peace is a native state to which all individuals may return once the challenges of daily life are resolved. In particular, the show will highlight that “effortlessness” that my friend so eloquently describes above.

My wish, the holiday season and beyond, is for the swift fading of challenge and the abundant restoration of Peace in your life and in those of whom you love.

Let ART be the way,Susan