August 21 – September, 2015

A curated selection of paintings and sculpture by 16 locally, nationally and internationally celebrated abstract artists profiled in the most recent book by noted arts journalist and fine artist, Deborah Forman.

“Our devotion to the abstract is rooted in the innovation, intelligence and unrestrained inspiration that non-representational images so often reveal. The abstract artist has an expansive vision that underscores his or her creative freedom, imbuing it with extremes of feeling and thought that are often absent in representational images. Abstract art is a progressive wind that awakens. It is our fondest hope that viewers will transcend mundane time and space for a moment, and allow a shaking loose of pure, instinctual feeling that leaves them changed for the better.”  

Susan Danton, Director, MWFA

featuring Howard Barnes, Michael Carroll, Naomi Marks Cohan, James Doherty, Joerg Dressler, Deborah Forman, Milisa Galazzi, Michael A. Giaquinto, William Hemmerdinger, Gina Kamentsky, Bao Lede, Sarah Lutz, James Musto, Joyce Utting Schutter, Kathleen Sidwell and Mike Wright.