Our Featured Artists

William G. Allen . John Babineau . Howard Barnes . Peter Coes . Susan Reid Danton
James Doherty . Thomas Eaton . Jane Eccles . Jaime Elkins . Deborah Forman
Michael Giaquinto . William Hemmerdinger . Wayne Miller . Kate Nelson
Ewa Nogiec . Richard Perry . Eric Rausch . Cecilia Rossey
Joyce Utting Schutter . Kathleen Stowell . Joyce Zavorskas

December 2013 is to be a most distinctive month for all of us at Miller White Fine Arts. Beyond our initial orientation to the vibrant Cape Cod art scene, we have now come to rest upon a special sort of equilibrium, defined by a stable of exceptional artists with whom we are delighted and honored to be partnering. Our collective poise features a dynamic body of artworks that, we assert, are essential to collectors with an affinity for contemporary artists of the Cape.

We trust that you will find our December 2013 exhibition to be as original and visually compelling as any other you’ve come to enjoy at Miller White Fine Arts. As ever, we are resolved to nurture your desire for and pursuit of works of extraordinary beauty, high relevance and singular accomplishment. Feast and enjoy!