SAVING GAIA: The Seven Thunders

November 4, 2016 – January 13, 2017

SAVING GAIA: The Seven Thunders is a thrilling sci-fi adventure in which young heroes must save all life on the planet while genetically engineered suprahumans attempt to destroy the earth’s atmosphere by accelerating global warming.

Aesthetically, SAVING GAIA was an exhibition that broke down the barrier between still and moving images in a significant and surprising project.  The exceptional creative talents of twenty artists produced an exhibit comprised of their visual interpretations of a film script written by screenwriter, Rory Marcus. The artists expressed their deepest feelings about the dangers to the planet through artworks in oil, print, collage, photography and sculpture in their individual styles.  These stunning images became the visuals for a short trailer for the film, produced by Marcus and shown at the gallery throughout the exhibition. The resulting short film may be viewed here.


Based on science and written by Marcus more than ten years ago, SAVING GAIA: The Seven Thunders is an odyssey of extraordinary youths that reveals an astonishingly prescient scenario of the risks for our future that we can see unfolding today.  This exhibit and film were designed to raise questions that artists, environmental advocates and scientists addressed with the public in gallery talks throughout the term of the show.  On an ironic aside, Saving Gaia came at a time when neither candidate for the U.S. presidency nor the subsequent president-elect cared to address the staggering climate issues threatening our planet.


William Allen . Teresa Baksa . Heather Blume . Susan Danton . Joerg Dressler . Jane Eccles . Deborah Forman . Anne Garton . Amy Heller . Grace Hopkins . Benton Jones . Leslie Kramer . Wayne Miller . Ulla Neigenfind . Carol Odell . Jackie Reeves . Cecilia Rossey . Kate Sidwell . Alan Soffer . George Taylor . Frank Winters . Joyce Zavorskas


Artists at Miller White Fine Art in South Dennis tackle global warming

Saving Gaia: A collaboration of artists and environmentalists on Cape Cod