Twenty-One in Truro

21 Reflections
While preparing 21 Reflections, I had the pleasure of visiting the studios of the majority of the currently twenty members of Twenty-One in Truro. Persisting throughout each visit was my own giddy expectation that I would soon discover the magical elements that held this vibrant, intelligent and talented group of women artists together for close to fourteen years. After the final visit, I was astonished to find myself still in mystery. While each member enthused about the yearly September retreats in the dunes of Truro, the intensive professional camaraderie and the intimacy of enduring friendship, the thread that bound them together in committed collaboration for so many years yet eluded me. As I prepared to compose the actual show, the question persisted.

The curator’s subjectivity underscores the scope and personality of an invitational show at its outset, and great care and sensitivity is required to marry that subjectivity into a resulting, cohesive whole. It is a gradual, determined process toward equilibrium, and much that appears to happen by accident is not accidental at all. Proposing the show and then selecting artworks from the inner sanctum was, for me, those subjective first steps. Not until we ~ myself and almost one hundred artworks ~ began our dialogue could I experience the magic, and then the answer appeared like a blossom opening in sunlight.

The art of 21 Reflections is the magic, providing a unique window into a fully conscious and deeply empathetic history of women in relation to each other through the creative process. And it is through their works that these dedicated artists allow us to fall in with their rhythms of mood and feeling, to become part of what is manifested in this show ~ a supportive collaboration of the randomness of life and the effortless reconnecting of kindred souls over time… through art.

21 Reflections is a beautiful story of open hearts, good humor and generosity of spirit. Nothing could be simpler or bring one more joy, and I am honored to have taken part in this very special exhibition.

Susan Reid Danton, M.A., Director, Miller White Fine Arts

Congregating annually for a week’s creative respite in the hills and waterways of Truro, MA, the Twenty-One are comprised of professional women painters who are currently celebrating an astonishing fourteen years of making and showing their art together. By virtue of their significant commitment to art-making and each other, the Twenty-One are known for masterful works that embody a strong sense of self, exploring concepts such as identity and the artistic process, while representing contemporary images that are evocative of the light, land and life so unique to Cape Cod. Each artist interprets her own vision of the natural world, employing instinct, education and skill developed over decades of thoughtful and determined practice, while preserving the distinctive character of a sisterhood of artists. From a confluence of artistic styles including impressionism, photorealism and lyrical abstraction, the result is a captivating exhibition that is at once elegant, approachable and powerfully resonant.

Twenty-One in Truro Artists: LaVerne Christopher, Michele Dangelo, Jane Eccles, Maryalice Eizenberg, Sarah Feilding-Gunn, Susan A. Hollis, Jane Lincoln, Jerre Moriarty, Rosalie Nadeau, Kate Nelson, Carol Odell, Julie Olander, Suzanne M. Packer, JoAnn Ritter, M’Lou Sorrin, Lorraine Trenholm, Christie Velesig, Barbara Wylan, Linda Young and Joyce Zavorskas.