Wayne Miller Solo Exhibition

Narrative Paintings
Wayne Miller brings to Miller White Fine Arts a compelling exploration of ordinary elements of his own life made extraordinary by the application of the aesthetic known as Narrative Painting.

Narrative art tells a story, either as a static moment or as a sequence of events over a period of time. Not surprisingly, all artworks are narrative to some degree but this is precisely where Miller deviates from the norm. Through his originality alone, Miller brings virtuosity to the canvas. The stories he tells are incredibly insightful and so carefully rooted in the context of his experience that each composition lacks for nothing, probably matched only by Miller’s own personal integrity.

His compositions initially appear quite humble, portraying single or few images, a mere ghost of the underlying tale. At closer inspection, there are, in fact, multiple actions taking place, some below the surface, others floating above. Once revealed, the complexity of the composition becomes central to the event and its narrative foundation.

Of significant importance to Miller’s narratives is his distinctive lexicon of imagery, uniquely introspective painting technique and appreciation for all associated culture, philosophy and social tension. He demonstrates an extraordinary ability to reveal the narrative while remaining unconstrained by the limits of movement and time. Never a series of repeating images, his process utilizes a collection of symbolic representations that portray the event itself, the passage of time and his own relationship to it. His use of iconic symbols, strong color and compositional detail yield the impression of weightlessness, timelessness and, therefore, hope.

My own appreciation for Miller’s elegant work induces an almost visceral sense of identification, and underscores my personal conviction that artists, in general, and Miller, in particular, are among our society’s greatest problem solvers. Certainly, in the realm of aesthetics, this is crucial. His luminous images remind us of the potential for insight into matters that often skirt surface perception, provocative yet never overly emotional, providing an opportunity for both meditative and deductive associations to take place. I feel comfortable among them, competent in observing them, complete in relation to them.

Whereas one man’s inner rambles may repulse another, Miller’s exotic images incite the imagination into overdrive, so much that I have been unable to stop thinking about them since I first beheld them. So much that gracing my walls with Miller’s work feels somewhat like stepping into shoes that are a wee bit big for me. And, so much that I know life would seem considerably dull, graceless and hopeless without them.

Susan Reid Danton, M.A., Director, Miller White Fine Arts