We Live Near the Sea

Contemporary Maritime Images Depicting
Our Endless Fascination with the Sea

Miller White Fine Arts is pleased to present We Live Near the Sea, an invitational exhibition of artworks created by Cape Cod artists representing our collective love affair with all things sea-related. This seemingly eternal love alludes to a companion lust for all things mysterious, metaphorical and deep. Here, on Cape Cod, these are found close to home. One can hardly drive ten minutes in any direction before hitting the sand. Query the artists, and you may find that this is where those intangible yet most enticing elements take hold. Our neighboring ocean consistently promises a step into the lyrical unknown, beyond our habitual zones of comfort, drawing us forth and back again effortlessly, like the moon draws the tides.

This excellent collection of images reveals both the tender and the terrifying aspects of the sea’s hold on its human neighbors. In designing this exhibition, I employed a particular guideline, that of a probe into the interchangeability of mankind’s mortality and the immortality of the sea. For example, an image of an ocean storm easily gives me pause to consider the many life events that doggedly pursued me and eventually, inevitably overtook me. However, it also reminds me of the many times when I found the courage to confront and outlive crisis with unflagging endurance. The regenerative power of the sea is masterfully portrayed throughout this exhibition. It is, I believe, one of the main reasons artists choose to capture its image; to allow for the necessary regeneration of our life force, cycle after cycle.

I submit there is no other environment on earth that so potently draws one into instinctual overdrive as one that borders the sea. In fact, this exhibition is designed to invade the boundaries of convention with new ideas regarding seaside imagery. We who live near the sea are compelled by its influence to investigate what is largely a refuge yet which harbors characteristics that are fundamentally alien to our human nature. Artists are uniquely qualified for this task. At once fully en rapport with the sensory realms, they are exponentially inspired by the ongoing experience of communing with the sea, its treasure and its lore. The artists selected to represent this theme perform their investigation superbly, lacking in no detail as to the strength of the sea’s push and pull on our lives.

Visual art, empirically and conspicuously, provides for the socialization and, in some cases, the sublimation, of our most primitive instincts and desires. Included in the price of courting chance and risk, which we do every day of our lives, is the potential for reinventing ourselves in ways that make us better than before. I encourage the notion that this is a lesson we learn from the sea, splendidly exemplified by the art you see before you. Dive in!

Susan Reid Danton, Director, Miller White Fine Arts