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Welcome to Miller White Fine Arts, a destination gem in the heart of Cape Cod.  Founded and directed by Susan Reid Danton, the gallery’s name features two family names of enduring importance to Danton.  Dorothy Canning Miller, first curator of the collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, was Danton’s great aunt.  Miller’s niece, Edith Canning White, is Danton’s mother.  Both women led remarkable lives that were richly influenced by art, bequeathing to Danton a life-long desire and ability to follow in similar footsteps.  The gallery’s name is a heart-felt nod to those two resolutely aesthetic lives.  Additionally, you will find Danton’s personal narrative on Dorothy Miller here — A Single Drop of Blood — for an intimate look at the gallery’s history and raison d’etre.


At Miller White Fine Arts, the cornerstones of our representation include a discerning eye, appreciation for fine aesthetic sensibilities, a fierce commitment to the artist, and avoidance of blind loyalty to conventional standards in collecting art.

Two overarching initiatives define our mission.  Foremost is the discovery of innovative fine art through discovering the artist who makes it.  To us, the two are inseparable.  We are noted for our success in bringing the highest integrity and quality to our representation, coupled with an abiding talent in producing some of the most eminent exhibitions of contemporary fine art on Cape Cod.  Next but not least is the careful cultivation of the artist/collector relationship into one of mutual relevancy, wherein the purchase of artwork raises the aesthetic of a new owner’s life and contributes to his or her legacy.

We represent a diverse collection of two and three dimensional artworks in a variety of aesthetic traditions and media, with a specialization in abstract art.  When advising collectors, our predominant advice is against a prejudicial favoring of the industry’s prevailing school of thought as to what ultimately constitutes the value of art; foremost, we encourage collectors to acquire artworks that invoke an aesthetic, personal engagement over ones that appear to be financially lucrative investments.

Our responsibility to artist and collector is to empower both, each to establish in the other an essential personal value, independent of popular norms and preconceptions, through the making, representation and acquisition of beautiful and compelling contemporary artworks.


We thank you for your interest in Miller White Fine Arts!

Gallery Inquiries:  Susan Danton, Director, at 508-360-4302 or srdanton@comcast.net.

Exhibiting at Miller White Fine Arts

Miller White Featured Artists

Miller White Fine Arts formally represents a program of artists, samples of whose work may be viewed on individual pages found on this site. Additionally, to provide further opportunity for interested parties to familiarize themselves with our artists’ work, we retain multiple samples in inventory for additional viewing in our Back Room. Please do not hesitate to request a private showing, at your convenience.

Online Partnership with ArtSy

ArtSy is an internet-based commercial and educational platform dedicated to collaborating with some of the most prestigious galleries, museums and auction houses world-wide, and with whom Miller White is honored to partner.  Please visit our ArtSy gallery page to view updates to our inventory, current, past and upcoming shows, and gallery news from the comfort of your home or workplace.

Art Fairs

Miller White exhibits annually at the Boston International Fine Art Show  held each October at the Cyclorama-Boston Center for the Arts.  Please visit the links provided to learn more about the BIFAS and its historic venue.


The emergence of a fine artist’s career into a self-directed, cohesive experience of making and selling art is a multifaceted process that has no clear parameters other than one must present one’s art for public scrutiny. Generally speaking, the frequency, intensity and duration of exposure is a reliable formula for a successful emergence. At other times, it is simply the right exposure.

A crucial aspect of the mission of Miller White Fine Arts is to represent emerging artists, whether they are at the beginning of their exhibition career or, in spite of a number of forays into the realm of public opinion, are as yet seeking the awareness of potential collectors. We will typically offer multiple showings of an artist’s work, however, our overarching goal is that the right representation for each artist is ultimately discovered.

The aesthetic potential of a cooperative showing of art benefits not only the emerging artist but is to the collective benefit of all who participate. Likewise, synergy implies that when efforts are combined, the effect of that interaction is greater than if those same efforts were applied in solitary. With its group invitationals, Miller White Fine Arts seeks to create a synergistic force within its own space, as well as Cape Cod’s art community at large. We host two to three invitationals each year, dynamic shows that bring together our own leading artists and those who are emerging, for a four to eight-week duration.  Please refer to our exhibitions calendar for information on current and future invitational exhibitions.

Individual Exhibitions

The scrutiny of the spotlight is essential to the professional growth of an individual artist. At no other time is this scrutiny more straightforward than during a solo presentation of his or her work. Miller White Fine Arts hosts several exhibitions each year for gallery artists whose own work occupies a portion of our multifaceted venue for a four to six-week duration. Solo exhibitions may take any number of forms, including a retrospective of the artist’s career, a focus upon a particular body of work, a collection of works in a variety of media, or a selection formed under various categories, including theme, occasion, creative methodology/ association, or social/cultural significance.  Please refer to our exhibitions calendar for information on current and future solo exhibitions.

Submission for Representation

We look forward to meeting you, sharing your work, being of assistance and, in some cases, walking the path of emergence with you. As such, Miller White Fine Arts will review any and all requests for exhibition opportunities and will make every effort to provide them, if and when they arise. Please contact Gallery Director Susan Danton at 508-360-4302 or srdanton@comcast.net with your request, a personal narrative and jpegs, and she will make her review in as timely a manner as possible.

Our Location and Hours

OUR LOCATION: We are conveniently located but yet a little tricky to find!  We are one minute off the Mid-Cape Highway Route 6 at 708 Route 134 in South Dennis. Please follow these directions to find us:

FROM ROUTE 6: Take exit 9B to drive north on Route 134, toward Route 6A. Go through the traffic lights, with the Dennis Police Facility/Town Offices on your left and Agway on your right. Number 708 is also known as “Garden Court,” and is the next righthand driveway after Agway. MWFA is located in the rear of the building, through the garden gate.

FROM THE NORTH SIDE OF ROUTE 134: After you pass Airline and Jasmine roads, SLOW DOWN! Garden Court is the next lefthand driveway.



Miller White Fine Arts is a destination gallery and therefore operates a little differently than galleries that have circled the wagons.  We are open year-round by appointment with flexible hours, as well as during our many opening and closing receptions throughout the year.  Please contact Director Susan Danton at 508-360-4302 or srdanton@comcast.net  to schedule an exclusive visit, or join our mailing list to keep abreast of the events surrounding our solo, group and invitational shows.  Thank you so much for your interest in Miller White!